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How many bathrooms have Neanderthals in the tile?

  • How many bathrooms have Neanderthals in the tile?

    The [Reddit] poster is a dentist and visited his parents house to see the new travertine they installed. It’s no surprise that he recognized something right away: […] A section cut at a slight angle through a very humanlike jaw! […] The Reddit user who posted the story (Kidipadeli75) has followed up with some updates over the course of the day. The travertine was sourced in Turkey, and a close search of some of the other installed panels revealed some other interesting possible fossils, although none are as strikingly identifiable as the mandible. A number of professionals have reached out to offer assistance and I have no doubt that they will be able to learn a lot about the ancient person whose jaw ended up in this rock. This naturally raises a broader question: How many other people have installed travertine with hominin fossils inside?

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