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How to set up a Zappi to avoid draining solar batteries

  • How to set up a Zappi to avoid draining solar batteries

    This has been an issue with my solar PV setup; I have a Zappi car charger, feeding from either the grid, solar PV, or a 5kW battery charged from solar. During the daytime, I normally want it to only draw power from the solar PV — I want to save the battery for normal household usage instead of “wasting” it on the car, which can be charged more cheaply at night. This suggestion from the MyEnergi support site details what sounds like a fairly easy way to get this working, by only charging the car when the PV is feeding excess energy back to the grid. This should only happen once either the batteries are full, or there’s more power being generated than can safely be used to charge the batteries (since there’s a limited input power rate for charging those). If this doesn’t work, I have a work-in-progress HomeAssistant script which I’ve been working on, but it’s significantly more complex with many more moving parts, so hopefully can be avoided.

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