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Answers for AWS survey results for 2024

  • Answers for AWS survey results for 2024

    This is actually really useful data about which AWS services are good and which ones suck, as of right now. Some highlights: – Simple Queue Service (SQS) is the most loved AWS service with an overall positive/negative split of 98% [SNS also scoring very well]. – GitHub Actions wins every metric in the CI/CD category. – OpenAI has taken the top usage spot away from Amazon Sagemaker in the AI & Machine Learning category [no surprises there]. – ECS continues its reign as the most used container service. – DynamoDB’s dominance over the NoSQL DBs continues for the second year running. – The most polarizing service is CloudFormation – 30% would not use it ever again, while 56% would.

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Italy’s “Piracy Shield” blocked Cloudflare

  • Italy’s “Piracy Shield” blocked Cloudflare

    Italy recently installed the AGCOM “anti-pezotto” system — a web filtering system for the entire country, to block piracy. After only a few weeks, it suffered its first major false positive by blocking a Cloudflare IP: “Around 16:13 on Saturday, an IP address within Cloudflare’s AS13335, which currently accounts for 42,243,794 domains according to IPInfo, was targeted for blocking.” The false positive block lasted for 5 hours before being quietly reverted: “Around five hours after the blockade was put in place, reports suggest that the order compelling ISPs to block Cloudflare simply vanished from the Piracy Shield system.” Cloudflare have written about the risk of false positives from IP blocking in the past:

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