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  • Feber

    a simple, self-hostable group calendar, by Simon Repp:

    Originally just a two-day hack for a friend (‘s shared rehearsal room), a few more weeks of work turned this into a universally usable, polished tool – hopefully of use to a wider public. The short pitch: A single PHP file (+assets) that is compatible with virtually every standard webhost out there, and a database-free design which means setup, backup and transfer is just copying files from one computer/server to another. The interface is responsive, adaptive (dark/light), and built with accessibility (and intent to improve) in mind. As I am by now maintainer of more FLOSS projects than I can reasonably look after in a sustainable fashion while just running on my commitment and love for the cause, this time around I’ve included a possibility to financially support the project. Emphasis on this being optional – Feber is AGPL3+, free to share with anyone, you can pay for it if and as you wish.
    It’s nice to see a neat little self-contained, easily deployed hack like this.

    (tags: oss calendars open-source php web groupware)

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