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Signs that it’s time to leave a company… | by adrian cockcroft

  • Signs that it’s time to leave a company… | by adrian cockcroft

    Very worrying signs from AWS when even ex-VPs are posting articles like this:

    Founder led companies often have problems maintaining their innovation culture when the founder moves on. I think this is part of the problem at Amazon, and I was happy to be leaving as Andy Jassy took over from Jeff Bezos and Adam Selipsky took over AWS. Jeff Bezos was always focused on keeping the “Day 1” culture at Amazon, and everyone I talk to there is clear that it’s now “Day 2”. Politics and micromanagement have taken over, and HR processes take up far too much of everyone’s time. There’s another red flag for me when large real estate construction projects take up too much management attention. […] We now have the situation that Amazon management care more about real estate than product. Where is the customer obsession in that? There’s lessons to be learned, and that the delusion that they can roll back work from home and enforce RTO without killing off innovation is a big problem that will increasingly hurt them over time. I personally hired a bunch of people into AWS, in my own team and by encouraging people to join elsewhere. Nowadays I’d say a hard no to anyone thinking of working there. Try and get a job at somewhere like NVIDIA instead.
    See also — Justin Garrison’s post about Amazon’s Return-To-Office strategy really being “silent sacking” to downsize Amazon’s staff, which has been confirmed by other AWS insiders.

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