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Against pseudanthropy

  • Against pseudanthropy

    This is great —

    I propose that software be prohibited from engaging in pseudanthropy, the impersonation of humans. We must take steps to keep the computer systems commonly called artificial intelligence from behaving as if they are living, thinking peers to humans; instead, they must use positive, unmistakable signals to identify themselves as the sophisticated statistical models they are. […] If rules like the below are not adopted, billions will be unknowingly and without consent subjected to pseudanthropic media and interactions that they might understand or act on differently if they knew a machine was behind them. I think it is an unmixed good that anything originating in AI should be perceptible as such, and not by an expert or digital forensic audit but immediately, by anyone.
    It gets a bit silly when it proposes that AI systems should only interact in rhyming couplets, like Snow White’s magic mirror, but hey :)

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