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Moving House

Bit of a meta update.

This blog has been at for a long time, but that’s got to change…

When I started the blog, in March 2000 (!), “taint” had two primary meanings; one was (arguably) a technical term, referring to Perl’s “taint checking” feature, which allowed dataflow tracing of “tainted” externally-sourced data as it is processed through a Perl program. The second meaning was the more common, less technical one: “a trace of a bad or undesirable substance or quality.” The applicability of this to the first meaning is clear enough.

Both of those fit quite nicely for my intentions for a blog, with perl, computer security, and the odd trace of bad or undesirable substances. Perfect.

However. There was a third meaning, which was pretty obscure slang at the time…. for the perineum. The bad news is that in the intervening 23 years this has now by far become the primary meaning of the term, and everyone’s entirely forgotten the computer-nerdy meanings.

I finally have to admit I’ve lost the battle on this one!

From now on, the blog’s primary site will be the sensible-but-boring; I’ll keep a mirror at, and all RSS URLs on that site will still work fine, but the canonical address for the site has moved. Change is inevitable!

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