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Links for 2023-06-08

  • Solein

    A protein powder made from renewable electricity, requiring virtually no land, with a tiny carbon footprint, and resilient to climate or ecosystem shocks, unlike conventional agriculture. Apparently the resulting powder tastes nutty and a little like turmeric. Basically it ferments a type of airborne microbe, in a process that is 20x more efficient than photosynthesis, and 200x more than meat protein. They claim it to be “highly nutritious, vegan, and catering to every diet around. The macronutrient composition of the cells is very similar to that of dried soy or algae, but it is more versatile since it has pleasant note of umami flavor and mild aroma.” Also ideal for space! (Via Hannah Daly)

    (tags: solein protein food climate fermentation)

  • Xandr’s online-ads segment list

    “From “Heavy Purchasers” of Pregnancy Tests to the Depression-Prone: We Found 650,000 Ways Advertisers Label You” – The Markup:

    If you spend any time online, you probably have some idea that the digital ad industry is constantly collecting data about you, including a lot of personal information, and sorting you into specialized categories so you’re more likely to buy the things they advertise to you. But in a rare look at just how deep—and weird—the rabbit hole of targeted advertising gets, The Markup has analyzed a database of 650,000 of these audience segments, newly unearthed on the website of Microsoft’s ad platform Xandr. The trove of data indicates that advertisers could also target people based on sensitive information like being “heavy purchasers” of pregnancy test kits, having an interest in brain tumors, being prone to depression, visiting places of worship, or feeling “easily deflated” or that they “get a raw deal out of life.”
    (Via Johnny Ryan)

    (tags: ads data-privacy xandr microsoft segmentation advertising privacy)

  • Fact check: why Rowan Atkinson is wrong about electric vehicles

    much better than Atkinson’s bullshit-soaked spiel about EVs. Don’t listen to washed-out comedians when you need science

    (tags: environment business energy cars driving evs carbon sustainability)

  • Restarters Wiki

    “a place where those of us in the Restarters community with experience and skills in mending appliances and gadgets can share them with those who are starting out, or whose own knowledge lies in different areas.” Lots of good tips on general appliance repair and maintenance.

    (tags: diy hardware repair wiki maintenance appliances fixing)