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Links for 2014-10-22

  • Jauter

    This Java library can route paths to targets and create paths from targets and params (reverse routing). This library is tiny, without additional dependencies, and is intended for use together with an HTTP server side library. If you want to use with Netty, see netty-router.

    (tags: java jauter scala request-routing http netty open-source)

  • “Viewstamped Replication Revisited”, Liskov and Cowling [pdf]

    classic replication paper, via aphyr: ‘This paper presents an updated version of Viewstamped Replication, a replication technique that handles failures in which nodes crash. It describes how client requests are handled, how the group reorganizes when a replica fails, and how a failed replica is able to rejoin the group. The paper also describes a number of important optimizations and presents a protocol for handling reconfigurations that can change both the group membership and the number of failures the group is able to handle.’