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Links for 2013-09-04

  • How To Buffer Full YouTube Videos Before Playing

    summary – turn off DASH (Dynamic adaptive streaming) using a userscript.

    (tags: chrome youtube google video dash mpeg streaming)

  • Voldemort on Solid State Drives [paper]

    ‘This paper and talk was given by the LinkedIn Voldemort Team at the Workshop on Big Data Benchmarking (WBDB May 2012).’

    With SSD, we find that garbage collection will become a very significant bottleneck, especially for systems which have little control over the storage layer and rely on Java memory management. Big heapsizes make the cost of garbage collection expensive, especially the single threaded CMS Initial mark. We believe that data systems must revisit their caching strategies with SSDs. In this regard, SSD has provided an efficient solution for handling fragmentation and moving towards predictable multitenancy.

    (tags: voldemort storage ssd disk linkedin big-data jvm tuning ops gc)