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Links for 2013-03-23

  • dumping a JVM heap using gdb

    now this is a neat trick — having been stuck having to flip to spares and do other antics while a long-running heap dump took place, this is a winner.

    Dumping a JVM’s heap is an extremely useful tool for debugging problems with a J2EE application. Unfortunately, when a JVM explodes, using the standard jmap tool can take an inordinate amount of time to execute for lots of different reasons. This leads to extended downtime when a heap dump is attempted and even then, jmap regularly fails. This blog post is intended to outline an alternate method using [gdb] to achieve a heap dump that only requires mere seconds of additional downtime allowing the slow jmap process to happen once the application is back in service.

    (tags: heap-dump gdb heap jvm java via:peakscale gcore core core-dump debugging)

  • Edition – Irish Design

    ‘Edition has a ‘design for life’ philosophy – we think that unique designer-made items can be a part of our everyday lives without costing the earth. We stock affordable, contemporary and functional products (mostly handmade), including jewellery, home-ware, accessories, art and toys. Every item has been carefully selected and are all designed here in Ireland.’

    (tags: edition design ireland art graphics jewellery toys)