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Merry Spamiversary

Peter G. Neumann at the RISKS Forum notes that Last Friday was the anniversary of the sending of the first e-mail spam:

[Thanks to Mike Hogsett for noting this event, and Brad Templeton for recording it.]

What is allegedly the very first spam message was sent roughly 30 years over the ARPANET.

In seeing this, Mike was amused because he works with some of the people it was addressed to, of whom a few are still at SRI: NEUMANN@SRI-KA, GARVEY@SRI-KL, MABREY@SRI-KL, WALDINGER@SRI-KL and some of whom are retired: ENGELBART@SRI-KL, NIELSON@SRI-KL, GOLDBERG@SRI-KL (I am always amused when some of these old ARPANET addresses show up in today’s incarnations of spam.)

Also somewhat before Mike’s time, Geoff Goodfellow, Eric Kunzelman, Dan Lynch, and many others at SRI were instrumental in the evolution of the ARPANET.

Also included in the enormous enumerated TO: list (historically interesting in itself by not having been suppressed!) are Bill English (who was the catalyst for much of Doug Engelbart’s innovations being transitioned from SRI to PARC), Dave Farber, Irv Jacobs, Bob Metcalfe, Jon Postel (who by then had moved from SRI to ISI), three Sutherlands, and Lauren Weinstein, to name just a few.

Happy Birthday, Spam! Sorry I cannot wish you many happy returns.