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Optimo vs. Bud Rising

Optimo have a new mix up — the First Hour Mix:

Here’s the fourth in a brief series of mixes where we present something a little different. This mix isn’t really a mix in the conventional sense but rather 17 tracks blended together. To us, the first hour of Optimo, or to be more accurate, the ‘Espacio’ part of Optimo (Espacio) is a vital part of the night. It is our chance to play absolutely what we like without thinking about the dancefloor.

It’s a great mix — certainly not dancy, but some really interesting tracks here. The Optimo guys put together some really great music.

In fact, I went to see them play last Saturday — or, at least, myself and a couple of mates tried to. Supposedly, they were supporting The Juan Maclean at the Bud Rising festival over the weekend, but the show was such a shambles, without anyone having a clue when it started or who was on stage at any time, I’m pretty sure we missed their set entirely.

On top of that, it was EUR20 in, and to add insult to injury, the only lager on sale was Budweiser! I mean, I wouldn’t mind that if the “Bud Rising Festival” deal meant free entrance, but charging 20 squids and then cutting off the supply of decent booze as well, is just a crime.

Ah well, the Filthy Dukes were pretty good at least.