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trueColor() bug in GD::Graph

Hacking on a new rule-QA subsystem for SpamAssassin, I came across this bug in GD::Graph. If:

  • you are drawing a graph using GD::Graph;
  • outputting in PNG or GIF format;
  • and the ‘box’ area — the margins outside the graph — keeps coming up as black, instead of white as you’ve specified;

check your code for calls to GD::Image->trueColor(1);, or the third argument to the GD::Image->new() constructor being 1. It appears that there’s a bug in the current version of GD (or GD::Graph) where graphing to a true-colour buffer is concerned, in that the ‘box’ area continually comes out in black.

(Seen in versions: perl 5.8.7, GD 2.23, GD::Graph 1.43 on Linux ix86; perl 5.8.6, GD 2.28, GD::Graph 1.43 on Solaris 5.10.)