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more on H5N1 Bird Flu

Health: A few hours after ( ;) I link-blogged this New Scientist article about a case of the H5N1 avian flu transmitting itself between humans, Boing Boing put up this entry titled ‘Bird Flu risk extremely low’, which concludes that the risk is effectively not worth worrying about.

It’s fundamentally wrong, and is well worth pointing out as a result. As Quinn at says, it’s not the danger now that’s important here — it’s the potential.

I read New Scientist religiously, so I’ve been following it, and this search on H5N1 gives the perfect illustration of why this is well worth worrying about:

(Now, while it’s worth worrying about, it’s not us end-users who should be doing the worrying. It’s the politicians who need to ensure CDC and the WHO are funded well, the terrible state of vaccine development and production be sorted out, the lack of outbreak monitoring infrastructure be addressed, and research into these strains is funded and given a priority, in case things do go all pear-shaped influenza-wise.)

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