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I Hate Windows

So I had to edit a Word doc. Left it for a few minutes, the network connection died, so I tried to save it somewhere else.

Foolishly, I did this by hitting File->Exit, knowing (ha!) that I could save it on the way out. All well and good — until something in Word decided it required the old copy of the doc to save the new one — even though that was in memory, since I could scroll around it etc. (it wasn’t a very long doc).

So it refused to let me save until I restored the network connection. I couldn’t be bothered doing that, so I hit Cancel on that ‘please restore the net connection’ dialog, assuming it’d let me just cut and paste the text, which is all I wanted. Guess what it did? That’s right, it just exited, taking the unsaved doc with it. Argh.

I’ve learned my lesson. Next time, I’ll stick with trusty (and sane) Vim. At least it knows how to do an Edit File UI, even if it’s not quite as pretty (or featureful).