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Good tech-politics blog

Nathan Cochrane has a weblog. He’s a clueful journo who writes about technology for The Age, the Melbourne newspaper — thumbs up for that; I read plenty of The Age during my sojourn in Melbourne, it’s the best newspaper in Oz. (Plus it recommends using Sitescooper and Plucker in their Handheld Howto page, so that’s always going to get a +1 from me ;)

But anyway, a very clueful weblog; lots of good journalism straight from the source. Recommended. Integrating SpamAssassin with MailMan. I really must get around to getting our server upgraded to MailMan 2.1 so we can apply this; I have one list that’s getting about 5-10 spams a day, and even with ‘subscriber posting only’ set, MM 2.0’s admin interface is very clunky for dealing with that.

Does anyone know if there’s a usable tool to automate Mailman admin BTW? Or give it a good UI?