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Dublin Guinness to brew the Nigerian version

Yahoo: Guinness brews up African recipe.

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Guinness is brewing up an African-style version of its famous stout to quench the thirst of Ireland’s growing immigrant population. Tests are under way to replicate Guinness manufactured in Nigeria at its St. James’ Gate headquarters in Dublin. The African version of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout tastes sweeter and heavier than the traditional draught popular in the west, and is almost double in strength.

A Guinness spokeswoman said the new brand was a result of consumer demand from Ireland’s growing African population. ‘This is the home of Guinness and so we’re seeing if we can brew the African recipe here and produce it at St. James’ Gate to the same recipe as in Nigeria,’ she said. …

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout was first exported from Ireland in the 19th century to British colonies. The first Guinness exports to Africa were to Sierra Leone in 1827. The stronger alcohol content helped preserve it during the long sea journey.

I can’t wait to try it out. I used to continually overhear conversations on the bus between Dublin locals and Africans regarding whose Guinness was best — time to settle the argument! ;)

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